Pau Costa Foundation on Fire Ecology and Management inaugurated

In order to enhance the communication of experiences and scientific knowledge gained, international experts were consulted recommending the establishment of a foundation. Such a foundation was seen as both suitable for serving as a information platform on fire management also allowing for addressing future fire management and fire ecology research. Pau Costa, a fire technician at GRAF, who tragically died in the Horta de Sant Joan Fire on 24 July 2009, strongly advocated for such a platform based on his extensive experiences in fighting and managing fires.

The main objective of the Pau Costa Foundation is thus to carry out fire ecology research, create knowledge, tools and techniques for operational wildfire management and convey those through training and other capacity building measures.

The foundation was officially inaugurated on 17 January 2011 through a Formal Act of Establishment in Barcelona by 60 founders. One of the foundations governing bodies is the Supervisory Board consisting of 10 members. Andreas Schuck, Head of EFI's Regional Office EFICENT-OEF, has been elected to serve as a Supervisory Board member. Main tasks of the Supervisory Board are of strategic (mission and vision, work programme) and administrative (monitoring, project and budget approvals) nature. The Board will strongly support the Foundation in advocacy and fundraising.

Further information:
Albert Bartolomé: +34 6274 20212

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