Call for Pan-Mediterranean research ideas

EFI’s Assistant Director of Policy Advice, Marc Palahí, said “FORESTERRA is the most strategic scientific programme on Mediterranean forests ever funded by the EU. It will allow the creation of a coherent Mediterranean forest research area”. EFIMED has recently opened a call for participation and contribution to the new research lines in Mediterranean forestry science.

FORESTERRA is an ERA-NET Scheme, financed by the European Commission under its Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) to reinforce the scientific coordination and integration of Mediterranean programmes in forest research as well as scientific cooperation with countries of the Mediterranean area (including EU and non-EU member states) and with countries from other Mediterranean Climate Areas (Australia, South Africa, Chile, California).It is coordinated by the Ministry of Science of Spain.

The schemes work will include:

  • Mapping and information exchange to improve mutual knowledge of existing programmes and capacities as well as for sharing best practices;
  • Defining common strategic activities to reduce the fragmentation of the research community, avoiding overlaps and promoting synergies among existing capacities and identifying scientific areas that require transnational funding;
  • Implementation of joint activities to consolidate partnerships and develop common schemes for programme evaluation, as well as for mutual opening of facilities, laboratories and experimental sites;
  • Calls for joint research projects to maximise the research impact of the network.

In addition to these four steps, a targeted action will focus on “upscaling” them at a global Mediterranean level by exchanging information on existing programmes with other Mediterranean Climate Areas to identify common strategic activities and scientific priorities of mutual interest.

The EU contribution is almost 2 million Euros, to support the coordination of the scheme. Joint research projects will be financed by voluntary contributions from the participating funding agencies.

More information about the call here.

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