AGFORWARD kicks off

The newly started project AGFORWARD had its official kick-off meeting at Cranfield University, UK in 21-23 January 2013. During the meeting the participants presented their future work for the project and discussed how the different teams will work together. Another important aim of the meeting was to ensure that the participants got to know each other forming teams combining researchers and practitioners.

AGFORWARD aims to promote both existing and new agroforestry systems in Europe. The project will facilitate participative agroforestry research in partnership with farmers and land owners, extension staff, and other rural businesses. AGFORWARD will evaluate and adapt the innovations to improve the delivery of positive ecosystem services and business profitability at farm- and landscape-scales across Europe.

EFI is responsible for inventorying and documenting existing agroforestry practices in Europe and contributes to the valuation of ecosystem service provisioning and the cost-benefit analysis of agroforestry practices. EFI is also involved in the policy analysis and dissemination activities.

Further information on EFI's work in the project is available from Michael den Herder, firstname.lastname @ efi.int and on the whole project from Paul Burgess, P.Burgess @ cranfield.ac.uk

AGFORWARD – Agroforestry that will advance rural development – is funded under the European Union Seventh Framework Programme FP7

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