Outcomes of the Barcelona BioEconomy Forum

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Keynote speakers from a wide range of sectors shared their visions for a sustainable bioeconomy of the future, as well as the challenges and opportunities implicated to achieve it. Key messages included that innovation in the forest sector is required to meet societal needs in the 21st century and that conventional thinking must be overcome. Over the course of the Forum, plenary sessions, workshops, facilitated dialogues and real-time participant voting generated lively exchange and the development of ideas, and concluded with a collective drafting of proposals for action.

Closing statements at the end of the Forum’s second day included a call for a white paper on bioeconomy, the need to overcome the gap between social perception and reality through good communications, and the development of better connection between rural and urban areas, with a focus on the role of urban forests. Such a process should not merely be led by our cities, however, and it was also underlined that, with regards to our forests, the Southern perspective in Europe should be actively maintained.

The full results of the Forum will be distributed shortly to key decision-makers and institutions around Europe. Read more about the event and the conclusions here.

Photos: Sònia Sànchez and Maria Prat / ICTA

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