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Farewell to Risto Päivinen

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After being the Director of EFI for the past 14 years, Risto Päivinen will retire on 1 January 2015. On 18 December he bid farewell to the staff members at EFI HQ. He received a special book on his 'adventures in European forests' which features inputs from EFI staff and the network.

Read more about Dr. Päivinen's thoughts about the beginning, development and the future of EFI in the latest issue of EFI News (page 24) here.

Celebrating with Member Countries

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EFI Christmas Party took place at the Headquarters in Joensuu on 12 December. The Ambassador of Austria Elisabeth Kehrer (on the left in the photo) and the Ambassador of Spain María Jesús Figa López-Palop (both based in Helsinki) joined in and the staff members had the opportunity to taste delicacies from Austria and Spain.

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Future Leaders for Russian Forest Sector

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The Young Leadership Programme for the Russian Forest Sector (YLP) is ongoing in Joensuu this week. 20 participants from a wide variety of backgrounds and nationalities are learning about the emerging opportunities and challenges that the Russian forest sector is facing, focusing in depth on policy (in a global and Russian context), sustainable forest management, foresight, leadership and innovation.

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ThinkForest discussions continue

Following on from the ThinkForest seminar Forests and the bioeconomy: future steps at the European Parliament in November, discussions have moved further afield. In a letter to the Financial Times, Paul Brennan MEP, one of the seminar’s active participants, sets out the significant role that forests and wood can play in helping tackle climate change - creating new jobs in the process.

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Happy holidays!

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Open posts at EFI member organisation

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Open posts at EFI:

EFI has compiled once more a list of topics for student internships and master's theses. Please share this information with your students. Read more here.

Two researcher positions at the EFICENT Office, Freiburg, Germany. Deadline for applications: 20 December 2014 and 10 January 2015
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News from EFI member organisations:

Latest publication
from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences: Cavanagh, C., & Benjaminsen, T. A. (2014). Virtual nature, violent accumulation: The ‘spectacular failure’of carbon offsetting at a Ugandan National Park. Geoforum, 56, 55-65.  Read here

Other news:

Read the latest issues (13) of the Pan European Networks: Science & Technology (PEN) where EFI's newly appointed Director Marc Palahí talks about forestry related-research and policy. Full interview is available on page 248-249.

1st Announcement for the CASTLE Conference: “Towards a sustainable bioeconomy – innovative methods and solutions for the agriculture and forest sectors”
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FRISK-GO news: Severe windstorm hits Catalonia.
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Sumforest Foresight Workshop
in Brussels took place in Brussels on 2 December.
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