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The Regional Offices move ahead

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The EFI Annual Conference decided in September on the establishment of four new Regional Offices. Since then, each Regional Office-to-be has been updating their proposals in close collaboration with the EFI Headquarters. In the picture above, a memorandum of understanding to implement European Forest Observatory, which is part of EFICENT Regional Office, is being signed.

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Open posts at EFI

Three posts of high calibre are opened at EFI. The post of Assistant Director for R&D is a new post reflecting EFI's growth. The posts of Heads of Programme are also key positions in the organisation. The announcements can be found here: http://www.efi.int/portal/shortcuts/open_posts 


Honorary PhD Degree to Risto Päivinen

The commission of the Faculty of Forest and Environmental Science Faculty of the University of Freiburg conferred Prof. Dr Risto Päivinen the Honorary PhD Degree for his outstanding scientific merits. The Honorary Conferring Ceremony took place on the occasion of the Forstwissenschaftliche Tagung of the Faculty of Forest and Environmental Science on 25 September 2008.

Prof. Dr Risto Päivinen was also awarded a Gold Medal by National Forest Centre in Slovakia for his contributions to forestry on the occasion of 110th anniversary of forest research and 30th anniversary of life-long education in forestry in Slovakia.

Tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment Raises Interest

A project on assessing sustainability of forest based activities in rural areas of the Northern Periphery (Northern ToSIA) will test and develop the applications of the ToSIA Tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment (ToSIA) applications together with regional development bodies and forest industry companies in Finland, Sweden, Scotland and Norway. The aim is to develop and disseminate the tool for use in the whole Northern Periphery region. The project total budget 2008-2011 is 1.3 M€, and the kick-off meeting took place at EFI in Joensuu in mid-November.

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International seminar 'Actual Problems and Perspectives of Personnel's Training for the Russia Forest Sector' in St. Petersburg, Russia on 9–10 December 2008. The Seminar is organised by the Federal Educational Agency, St. Petersburg State Forest Technical Academy, International Centre of Forestry and Forest Industry and the Project Centre of Forest Institute in St. Petersburg.

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Annual Plenary meeting and Conference IAWS 2009 'Forests as a renewable source of vital values for changing world' in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Russia on 15–21 June 2009. More information:


and http://www.msfu.ru/eng/iaws2009


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