Tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment Raises Interest

A project on assessing sustainability of forest based activities in rural areas of the Northern Periphery (Northern ToSIA) will test and develop the applications of the ToSIA Tool for Sustainability Impact Assessment (ToSIA) applications together with regional development bodies and forest industry companies in Finland, Sweden, Scotland and Norway. The aim is to develop and disseminate the tool for use in the whole Northern Periphery region. The project total budget 2008-2011 is 1.3 M€, and the kick-off meeting took place at EFI in Joensuu in mid-November.

The Northern ToSIA project is led by EFI. Project partners are the Forest Research/Forestry Commission Scotland, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences SLU, the Forestry Centre of North Karelia in Finland and the County Governor of Nordland in Norway, as well as the forest industry companies.

Further information on Northern ToSIA: marcus.lindner@efi.int

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