The Regional Offices move ahead

The EFI Annual Conference decided in September on the establishment of four new Regional Offices. Since then, each Regional Office-to-be has been updating their proposals in close collaboration with the EFI Headquarters.

EFICENT progresses

The European Forest Observatory constitutes a component of the new EFI Regional Office EFICENT, initiated around Nancy-Freiburg-Zürich network, NFZ.forestnet. The Observatory, located in Nancy, France, will serve the research community and decision-makers of the forest-based sector by providing data and information of regional and European relevance while partaking in the elaboration of value-added information products and services for policy and decision-making in forestry and related disciplines.

During the international conference “The European forest-based sector: bio-responses to the new climate and energy challenges?” held from 6 to 8 November 2008 in Nancy, Michel Barnier the French Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, the President of the Urban Community of Greater Nancy and the Vice-President of the Lorraine Region signed, in presence of Risto Päivinen, a memorandum of understanding to implement a research-related, demand-driven and practice-oriented forest information platform: the European Forest Observatory.


The Board of IEFC met this week to discuss EFIATLANTIC. The aim is to have the EFIATLANTIC activities launched in winter 2009. Also EFISEE network will meet this week to discuss the Regional Office plans, especially the research agenda. The meeting will be attended by Risto Päivinen and Tomi Tuomasjukka from EFI.

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