Two Research Grants by the Foundation for European Forest Research

The Foundation for European Forest Research is offering two PhD scholarships up to 19000 euros per annum with a travel allowance of 1000 euros a year. The opportunities are open to all interested persons qualified to proceed with PhD studies at an internationally recognised university. The grants are ‘Metsähallitus-Grant 2010 for PhD studies’ on the topic of “Sustainable use of forests for different purposes, including economical and recreational forest functions and biodiversity values”, and ‘Ponsse-Grant 2010 for PhD studies’ on the topic of “Contribution of modern forest management technologies to sustainable and competitive forestry in Europe”.

The Foundation aims to support and promote the work of European Forest Institute (EFI) and such forestry and environmental research activities in Joensuu, Finland, which show a European dimension. Provision of grants to support the research strategy of the European Forest Institute is one of the core tasks of the Foundation.

Instructions for applicants

Further information:
Dr Kalle Eerikäinen, Executive Secretary for the Foundation
E-mail: foundation@fefr.org
Tel: +358 50 391 3165

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