EFI Policy Brief 5 and VPA Training Films are out now!

The EU is a major consumer of timber products, and exporters to the EU need to be aware of evolving market requirements and preferences if they are to compete effectively. Such requirements may be of a technical nature, but can also be linked to policies concerning the wood used in timber products. Latest EFI Policy Brief examines recent policies and legislation aimed at excluding illegal timber from markets and at promoting the use of timber from legally harvested and sustainably managed forests. Available here as a pdf-file and paper copies of the brochure can be requested by email from info(at)euflegt.efi.int.

Illegal logging and its impacts, assuring legality and involving stakeholders through Voluntary Partnership Agreements (VPAs), and changing markets are the main topics of four FLEGT VPA Training Films, recently published by EFI’s EU FLEGT Facility, including the FLEGT Asia Programme, and produced by Handcrafted Films. The films can be watched here. At the same location you can also find three FLEGT short films, providing a more general introduction to the topic.

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