EFI becomes a founding member of the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI)

Within the framework of the Union for the Mediterranean and the Barcelona Process, the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI) has been established in Slovenia. EFI is one of the founding members of the University. EMUNI’s mission is to promote higher education and research in the Euro-Mediterranean region contributing to the general strengthening of the Barcelona Process.

On 26 November 2008, EMUNI’s General Assembly convened in Barcelona, where the university statute was adopted and the institutional bodies elected. Prof. Dr Joseph Mifsud, from Malta, was elected as the president of EMUNI University.

The founders of EMUNI are universities, networks of universities, higher-education and research institutions - a total of 113 from 32 countries. As one of the founding members of the University, EFI has representation in the Assembly of the University: Marc Palahí from EFIMED will be the EFI representative.

EMUNI programme in this year will focus on academic activities, such as performing four post-graduate programmes (EMUNI label) and doctoral research seminars. The Summer School 2009 will take place in five different locations of the Euro-Mediterranean region. In addition, the programme will include different short educational programmes, publication of international scientific magazine Euro-Mediterranean Studies, organisation of scientific conferences and organisation of a student conference. EFIMED will promote forestry related topics within the activities of the EMUNI University.

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