EFI Central European Regional Office – EFICENT – builds new synergies in forest research

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EFI’s regional presence was tangible at the information event of the newly established Central European Regional Office, EFICENT, held last Friday in Freiburg, Germany. Nearly 50 participants from eight countries gathered to learn about and discuss the activities of this new EFI Regional Office, which aims to increase national and trans-boundary research collaboration of forest research institutions in Central Europe. EFICENT has been initiated by Germany, France and Switzerland, but the door is very much open to any organisations or countries in the Central European region and beyond.

EFICENT will significantly strengthen one of EFI’s strategic core activities of building data services and providing value-added information products of regional and pan-European relevance. These activities are developed at the EFICENT’s European Forest Observatory located in Nancy, France. With this unique geographical set up, EFICENT will create new synergies in forest research across borders in Central Europe and at pan European scale. ‘EFI is not only enhancing its presence in different parts of Europe, but it also has better possibilities to answer the expectations and needs of forest related policy-making with the help of unbiased research, ‘ states Prof.Dr. Risto Päivinen, Director of the European Forest Institute.

The financiers of EFICENT are the French Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Urban Community of Greater Nancy, INRA, Lorraine Region and Ministry of Rural Affairs and Nutrition of the State of Baden-Württemberg.

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