Friday 09.04.2010


EFI calls for forest research community’s active contribution to the debate on Forest Protection and Information in the EU

The European Commission published in early March a Green Paper on Forest Protection and Information in the EU: Preparing forests for climate change. It sets out options for a European Union approach to the protection of forests and to information about forest resources and their condition. A public consultation on the Green Paper will run from March to the end of July. The responses from EU institutions, Member States, EU citizens and other interested stakeholders will guide the Commission on whether additional action is needed at EU level. EFI calls for an active contribution from the forest research community to the debate. For this purpose EFI is drafting a response to the Green Paper, which will be circulated to all EFI Associate Members in May.

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EFICENT-OEF: The Observatory for European Forests inaugurated!

The integral component of the European Forest Institute (EFI) and its Central Regional Office EFICENT, the Observatory for European Forests is inaugurated today, 9 April, in Nancy, France. One of EFI’s main aims is to be an acknowledged contact point for researchers, decision-makers and the public seeking unbiased and policy-relevant information on European forests and forestry. The Observatory in Nancy will support the EFI particularly in this work. The main objective of the OEF is to strengthen the communication between data and information processes on one side and policy decision making processes on the other side.

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COST Strategic Workshop series on “Foresight on Future Demand for Forest-based Products and Services"

There is a need to explore new emerging topics with regard to the futures of forests and forestry in a wider demand context, taking into account the anticipated changes e.g. in global population, consumer markets and consumption patterns, public opinion and related societal demands, as well as the potential effects of climate change and the developments in related policy deliberations. In 2010-2011 EFI will be coordinating together with the COST Domain “Forests, their Products and Services” ( FPS) a wide-angle foresight exercise.

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EFI Central-East European Regional Office - EFICEEC - to be launched 12 April!

EFICEEC300310_mini.jpg : 27.845703125Kb

EFI Central-East European Regional Office - EFICEEC will be launched in Vienna next Monday. More about the activities of EFICEEC will follow in the future issues of the Network News.

Climate change impacts and adaptation

The new forum launched within the MOTIVE -project will serve as the place to ask questions, share recent information and discuss relevant policy matters. You can access it at LinkedIn website.


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