COST Strategic Workshop series on “Foresight on Future Demand for Forest-based Products and Services"

The forest sector has developed methods and tools for making projections on the future, and several future oriented exercises are ongoing both at national and interregional level. Often the emphasis in the forest sector studies has been laid on the supply side, with only a flavour of demand, for example, related to wood-based products. There is a need to explore new emerging topics with regard to the future of forests and forestry in a wider demand context, taking into account the anticipated changes e.g. in global population, consumer markets and consumption patterns, public opinion and related societal demands, as well as the potential effects of climate change and the developments in related policy deliberations.

In 2010-2011 EFI will be coordinating together with the COST Domain “Forests, their Products and Services” ( FPS) a wide-angle foresight exercise to:
- investigate the role that forests play in the future societies, the new needs and demand for forest-based products and services, as well as the drivers behind these developments (up to year 2050) and
- build capacities in foresight and networks enabling new foresight exercises in / for the forest sector.

Several key stakeholders e.g. the Forest-based sector Technology Platform (FTP), the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO), the UNECE/FAO European Forest Sector Outlook Study (EFSOS) team as well as national foresight exercises will be centrally involved in the project. If you are interested in the foresight exercise, please contact: tuula.nuutinen(at)efi.int

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