Integrative conservation measures discussed on-site

During the visit, focus of the discussion was on the integration of habitat features and structural elements that can be integrated in forest management concepts and be used in simulation exercises. An important outcome of such exercises is the visualization of management effects and the assessment and valuation of ecological and economic trade-offs for integrative approaches.

This on-site visit was part of the activities of the EFICENT-OEF team in Freiburg in promoting the science-management dialogue in the frame of its Research to Practice (R2P) project line. R2P focuses on translating scientific and practical know-how on forest management concepts, forestry operations and technologies into effective practices and procedures for forest managers.

The visit was organised within the Integrate-project (Integration of nature protection in forest management and its relation to other forest functions/services ), further information on the project can be found here.

Further information on the EFI Central European Regional Office and the Observatory for European Forests (EFICENT-OEF) can be found here.

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