St. Petersburg Summer School 2013 - Apply by 30 April

The Summer School will present and discuss forest governance approaches in Russia, the EU and in a pan-European context, introducing and applying policy analysis and forest sector foresight methods. Moreover, actual issues such as trade and forest certification, criteria and indicator development will be presented and discussed. The Summer School supports the development of skills required to define and analyse European and Russian forest policy problems, including introductions to issues at stake as well as research methods and approaches.

The Summer School is targeted at PhD students or MSc students with an interest in and thesis work on forestry, forest policy analysis and forest economics, as well as young researchers specialising in governance of natural resources, sustainability, and Russian studies. The Summer School is aimed at participants both from the Russian Federation and EU countries. A maximum of 25 students will be accepted.

Send your applications to Dr. Maxim Chubinsky (mchubinsky(at)gmail.com) and Ms. Päivi Pelli (paivi.pelli(at)efi.int) by 30 April 2013.

More information on Summer School website.

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