The final EFORWOOD Conference: Shape your sustainability tools - and let your tools shape you

EFI’s major task in the EFORWOOD project has been the development of the ToSIA tool, which will be applied on different regional data sets, collected within the project. Examples of the regional data sets are Baden-Württemberg Case Study with an emphasis on an increasing demand for forest bio-energy in future and the Scandinavian Case Study where different technology scenarios are assessed. The results give a holistic picture on a current status of the region’s forest value chains in terms of e.g. employment figures, production costs or CO2 emissions. The results also make it possible to evaluate the impacts on sustainability of potential developments in future as an increasing demand for forest bio-energy.

The conference will also be an opportunity for combining experiences and expertise with other EU Integrated projects (SENSOR, SEAMLESS and PLUREL) that are devolving similar tools to support decision making on policies related to various areas of science, such as land use, environmental economics, socio-economics and landscape research.

More information about the conference and the call for abstract submission can be found on www.eforwood.org. The date for submission of abstracts is 30th April 2009.

Conference themes:
1 Sustainability impact assessment in a knowledge-based bio-economy
2 Methods for evaluation of sustainability impact from process to sector level
3 Case study applications in sustainability impact-assessment
4 Greenhouse gas balance of the forest-based sector
5 Scenario analysis of the forest-based sector and parts thereof

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