New ThinkForest study on Forest Governance in Europe

The study is funded by the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, and will provide structured information on the current policy environment affecting European forests and the forest-based sector, and discuss and analyse new policy approaches and institutional innovations for improved forest policy cohesion and effectiveness in Europe.

ThinkForest was established to improve communication and information exchange around strategic forest issues between relevant political actors and the scientific community. During the first ThinkForest Advisory Board meeting in December 2011, one of the main discussion points was around the current fragmentation and complexity of the European policy framework affecting forests and the forest-based sector.

Mobilizing the expertise of our member organisations

The study will be coordinated by Dr. Helga Pülzl, ThinkForest senior policy analyst based at EFI's Central-East European Regional Office - EFICEEC in Vienna. It will be carried out with the participation of several EFI Associate Members with knowledge of forest policy research. Dr. Peter Mayer, member of the ThinkForest Advisory Board, will chair the study meetings and provide his extensive expertise: “ThinkForest is a science-policy platform allowing for an efficient mobilization of EFI member organisation expertise to address policy-relevant information needs”, he said.

The study will be completed in December 2013.

For more information contact Helga Pülzl (helga.puelzl(at)efi.int)

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