Passionate young researchers interact on international forestry issues

36 PhD students and young researchers engaged in lively debates with the 15 invited speakers on a wide range of topics on forests. They included international policies relating to forests, challenges of global integration through trade relationships, biodiversity and forests, economic and social aspects of forest sustainability, climate change adaptation, forest governance and more.

Participants exchanged cross disciplinary perspectives amongst themselves and with the lecturers and connected their own research work to the wide-ranging international forestry issues. During a field trip to the Hayes forest close to Nancy as well as group work sessions the knowledge gained was then put to the test. The moderators Margaret Shannon and Andreas Schuck saw exciting interactions and discussions emerging between the students and lecturers during the course which encouraged students to formulate new research questions.

Besides the work in the classroom, a number of social events, including a wonderful joint dinner allowed for good network building between students and the course lecturers. Plans were brought up by the students to establish a Facebook site where they can continue to exchange on the PhD course and their own research activities. The PhD course was co-organized by EFI's Central European Regional Office and the Observatory for European Forests – EFICENT-OEF, INRA and AgroParisTech. The agenda and the presentations are available online here.

Photo by Yves Bernardi - INRA

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