Forest sector getting ready for Horizon 2020

During the coming months, EFI will play an active role in supporting the FTP in advocating for the SRA in the context of the upcoming EU funding programme Horizon 2020. This will also include the identification and development of concrete forest research ideas within the framework of the SRA that can feed the forthcoming discussions for developing the Horizon 2020 programme calls.

In order to structure the EFI contribution in such a process, ideas for potential research project call texts relevant to the Strategic Themes of the SRA are welcomed from the EFI network. If you wish to contribute to this process, please contact Marc Palahí (marc.palahi(at)efi.int) or Leena Salminen (leena.salminen(at)efi.int). Once we have compiled such ideas for call texts, EFI and the FTP will organise a workshop in Brussels, Belgium, to discuss the different inputs for further structuring our contribution in advocating for forest research projects under ‘Horizon 2020’.

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