The second EFI Winter Summer School kicks off in Aquitaine

In addition to more traditional academic work of lectures and writing assignments, WSS II takes the students out of the classroom. In Belin-Beliet local people from the community met the students as local educators, forest owners, hunters, artists, and recreationists shared their local knowledge and views on the cultural, economic, and social perspectives on plantation forests. The week included also a field trip through the maritime pine plantations, moor, and dune areas along the Atlantic coast, where the students learned about the unique cultural history of this region where the forests were established under a decree of Napoleon III.

There are 23 students in the WSS II from 14 countries, geographically ranging from Belorussia and Ukraine to the Azores and from Egypt and Greece to Lithuania. WSS II will meet for its second week in October 2013 in Austria and focus on mountain forests.

Further information at the EFI Winter Summer School 2013 site.

Photo: Doni Blagojević

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