Latest ThinkForest policy brief released

The policy brief is based on the work of the INTEGRATE project, which ran from 2011-2013, and investigated how to integrate nature protection in forest management, and its relation to other forest functions and services. The policy brief sets out the four main pillars which integrative approaches to biodiversity conservation in forests should follow: using a conceptual framework, retaining key biodiversity elements, demonstrating success with indicator species groups, and identifying key challenges such as climate change or invasive species.

Policy recommendations include:

  • Using indicators to monitor the impacts of biodiversity policies - combining the monitoring of species, forest structures and habitats is important.
  • Combining integration and segregation approaches for the successful conservation of biodiversity.
  • Noting the importance of deadwood in forest ecosystems.
  • Adapting conservation policies and management approaches - climate change will affect the suitability of forest habitats of various species.
  • Valuing forest biodiversity - harmonized valuation frameworks and the development of suitable financial incentives to integrate biodiversity conservation into forest management need to be urgently adopted.

Further info is available about the event here.
Download the policy brief here.

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