EFI welcomes Member Organisations contributions in response to the Commission Green Paper

The EFI concept note does not provide “model responses” to the consultation. Rather, it provides elements and viewpoints to defining of a response either to an individual question, to several or to all of the questions raised in the Green Paper.

As part of the consultation the Commission will organise a workshop and stakeholder meeting in Brussels as part of Green Week on 3 June. EFI participates in the Green Week “Forest Protection” stakeholder sessions in Brussels on Thursday 3 June 2010 11:30 – 13:00 with Dr. Marcus Lindner giving a presentation on “Options for adaptation of EU forests”.

If you are interested in contributing to the EFI response, please contact paivi.pelli(at)efi.int by the end of June.

Further information on the Green Paper at European Commission Directorate General for Environment is available here.

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