Shaping EFINORD Work Plan 2011-2015

Keynotes presented the state of the play and interesting examples of work ongoing, for example the potential for increased biomass production in Swedish future forests, the aspect of nature conservation and intensive forest management, and the challenges at European level, e.g. increasing demand for biomass in the EU, and competitiveness of the forest-based raw materials.

A major part of the workshop was allocated for interactive sessions working in small groups. The participants looked into the topic in three group sessions; first in a wide time horizon, and step-wise focused the EFINORD priorities for a plan for the next 5 years. Several promising work topics were identified for cooperation, and concrete joint actions were drafted under four tentative titles:

  • Policies and markets: energy markets
  • Methods, environment and multiple use: developing science based decision support
  • Technology: silviculture and new management regimes
  • Socio-economic basis: improved awareness and competence

Concrete actions of the EFINORD network will be joint research projects, networking and platforms for sharing information and research results between EFINORD member organizations, but also for targeting to the e.g. forest owners and other key stakeholders in biomass production and intensive forest management as well as the policy and decision makers at national and European levels. Also the viewpoint of demand was raised, in other words, sharing information on what are the future needs and societies where forests and their products and services will contribute.

The Workshop was jointly organized by EFINORD and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Workshop presentations are available at EFINORD website and further details about the work planning from the Head of Office Mr. Mika Mustonen, firstname.lastname(at)efi.int.

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