The INNOVATIONSEEDS interactive portal for environmental research and knowledge will repackage 100 promising EU-funded environmental R&D results to accelerate their uptake as policy measures and market success.

  • By communicating research results in a usable manner, INNOVATIONSEEDS will help research teams, policy makers and technology users identify and communicate about new eco-innovative technology and knowledge.
  • Dedicated articles, webinars, and video news releases will promote new environmental technology and knowledge to policy makers and market players. 
  • An intelligent navigation system has also been designed to guide SMEs to the most appropriate public and private funding for eco-innovation projects.

EFORWOOD’s main product ToSIA was chosen as one of those most innovative and promising tools. TMUG, the ToSIA Management and User Group (http://tosia.efi.int/tmug) as well as the flexibility, performance and potential of ToSIA convinced the gremium. With this INNOVATIONSEEDS will offer above-mentioned services to ToSIA.


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