New EFI Policy Brief focuses on Payments for Environmental Services

The new EFI Policy Brief “Payments for Environmental Services: A Way Forward for Mediterranean Forests” looks at the concept of PES, and focuses on their potential applicability in the Mediterranean region. It outlines the status of current knowledge on PES, including lessons learned from a variety of case studies. It also identifies the challenges which need to be addressed by policy makers, public officials and researchers for their successful implementation.

“PES have a high potential to pool public and private funds to address the challenges facing Mediterranean forests, and deserve closer attention”, says Dr. Irina Prokofieva, Senior Researcher at the Forest Sciences Centre of Catalonia (CTFC).

The Policy Brief is based on research carried out in the SylvaMED and NEWFOREX projects. SylvaMED: Mediterranean Forests for All is a European cooperation project financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the MED programme. NEWFOREX: New ways to value and market forest externalities is a European research project financed by the EU 7th Framework Programme (grant agreement no.243950).

EFI Policy Brief 7, Payments for Environmental Services: A Way Forward for Mediterranean Forests by Irina Prokofieva, Sven Wunder and Enrico Vidale is available as a pdf file here.

Further information: Dr. Irina Prokofieva (irina.prokofieva(at)ctfc.es)

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