New Head of Programme appointed at EFI

Dr. Mavsar holds a PhD in Economics and MSc degrees both in Forest Sciences and Economics from the University of Maribor, Slovenia. His expertise lies in environmental economics, in particularly related to the valuation of non-market goods and services. He is also experienced in the forest and fire economics, forest and environmental policy, forest planning and management, forest inventories and forest risks. In the past 5 years he has coordinated three EU funded research projects on non-marketed goods and services, on fire management economics and on non- wood forest products.

Dr. Mavsar moves to his new post from the Mediterranean Regional Office - EFIMED where he has been a senior researcher, Deputy Head of Office and most recently Acting Head of Office. At EFIMED he has been coordinating research, capacity building and networking activities among a network of 60 research and education institutions from 17 Mediterranean countries. He has earlier also held a post of researcher at the Forest Sciences Center of Catalonia, Spain and at the Slovenian Forestry Institute, Slovenia.

The Forest for Society Programme is a new research programme at EFI. It aims to generate scientific knowledge and information for a better understanding of:

  • The full value of European forests, the socio-economic viability of Sustainable Forest Management and the profitability of forestry in Europe.
  • Stakeholders’ motives, values and preferences regarding forest management, products and services as well as responses to different policy approaches.
  • The socio-economic nature and potential of forest products and services in the context of the emerging EU policy framework (green economy, rural development, Forest Strategy, Europe’s strategy 2020, etc).
  • The performance of different policy instruments and governance solutions to promote the multifunctionality of forests and their sustainable management.
  • New policy approaches and institutional innovations for improved forest policy cohesion and effectiveness in Europe.

The European Forest Institute is an international organization undertaking forest research and policy support at the pan-European and global levels. Headquarters of the institute are located in Joensuu, Finland, and five Regional Offices are in different locations in Europe. Dr. Mavsar will be leading one of the Institute’s three Research Programmes.

More information: Deputy Director Marc Palahí, marc.palahi(at)efi.int

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