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Two open posts at the EFICENT Observatory for European Forests (OEF)

The Observatory for European Forests (OEF) in Nancy, France is an integral component of the European Forest Institute (EFI) with the headquarters in Joensuu, Finland, and its Central Regional Office EFICENT in Freiburg, Germany. One of EFI’s main aims is to be an acknowledged contact point for researchers, decision-makers and the public seeking unbiased and policy-relevant information on European forests and forestry. The Observatory supports EFI particularly in this work by establishing a research-related, demand-driven and policy-oriented forest information platform. The main objective of the OEF is to foster the linkages between information processes and policy decision making processes at national and pan-European level.

There are now two open positions at the OEF in Nancy, France.

Forest Economist
Forest/Environmental Policy Expert

Further information: Dr. Aljoscha Requardt, OEF Manager, firstname.lastname(at)efi.int

EFI Week 2010

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EFI WEEK 2010 took place at the EFI Headquarters and Joensuu Science Park on second week of June. The week aimed at bringing EFI staff from various locations together to discuss EFI’s strategic goals, functions and daily operations in a distributed organization. In addition, various training sessions were arranged to ensure that our common tools are effectively used. Also broader topics were addressed, including ongoing topics in European forestry, e.g. the Commission Green Paper “Forest Protection and Information in the EU: Preparing forests for climate change”, where also EFI Member Organisations have been invited to give feedback. 

Click for further details on how to participate in the Green Paper feedback process.




New EFI News is now available
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International Scientific Symposium Fagus 2010
Is there future for beech – Changes, Impacts and Answers
27-29 October 2010 in Varaždin, Croatia and Zala County, Hungary
Further info at the event website 

Check out a new Research Note published by the Forestry Commission:

"Restoring afforested peat bogs: results of current research"


Register to EFI Annual Conference!

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This year's EFI's Annual Conference will be held in Dresden, Germany on 15-16 September. The registration is open, and you can find the programme on the Conference web pages. The theme of the Scientific Seminar on 16 September is Biomass from Forests and other Wooded Lands - Production and Use.


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