Call for new EFI Board Member proposals

Regarding the composition of the Board, the Convention on EFI states as follows:

Article 8: The Board

1. The Board shall be composed of eight individuals with established competence in the field of the activities of the Institute. Such Board members may serve no more than two consecutive terms.
2. a. Four members of the Board shall be appointed by the Council for a period of three years.
Four members of the Board shall be appointed by the Conference for a period of three years.
The Council and the Conference shall adopt rules relating to the process of nomination and    rotation of the members they appoint.
Interim vacancies shall be filled by written procedure by the Council or the Conference, respectively.

Following the rota system of the EFI Board, Prof. Jim Lynch OBE, University of Surrey, United Kingdom, is due to step down in October 2012.

Consequently the EFI Associate Members are asked for their proposals for a new EFI Board member.

More information and rules for the nomination and appointment of Board members from EFI Director Risto Päivinen (risto.paivinen(at)efi.int) or Membership Liaison Officer Henna Snellman (henna.snellman(at)efi.int).

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