Report on private and public forest ownership in Europe published

Public forests, but increasingly also forests in private ownership, play a key role in sustaining forest ecosystems, ensuring biodiversity protection, mitigating climate change, enhancing rural development and supplying timber and non-wood goods and services.

The study set out to quantify the spatial distribution of forest ownership at the sub-national level (regional, counties, departments, districts, etc.), and to collect information on the existence and the availability of georeferenced maps showing the spatial distribution of private and public forests in Europe. In addition to the report, two maps were produced, illustrating the private and public European forest ownership.

The European Forest Institute’s (EFI) Regional Office EFICENT-OEF with its EFICENT team in Freiburg, Germany, coordinated and implemented the study jointly with the University of Molise, Italy. They were strongly supported by experts from EFI Headquarters in Joensuu, Finland. The project which was supported by the Ministry of Rural Space and Consumer Protection Baden Württemberg, Germany, the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research and the EU 7th Framework Programme as part of the projects ‘GHG-Europe’ (Greenhouse gas management in European land use systems, contract no. 244122) and ‘Volante’ (Visions of land use transitions in Europe, contract no. 265104).

The report and the maps can be downloaded here.

Further information: Andreas Schuck, firstname.lastname@efi.int

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