SURF Project Centre inauguration

SURF is jointly organized by the University of Hamburg and the University of Leuven, and it serves as a platform for EFI member institutions. The Project Centre will be focusing on the global initiatives, “Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD)” and “Forest Law Enforcement for Governance and Trade (FLEGT)”.

Project Centre SURF will support the sustainable management of tropical forests and the abatement of illegal logging by engaging researchers from forest, social and environmental sciences in collaborations that encompass researchers from all EFI member institutions.

EFI Project Centres (EFI PCs) are network nodes of EFI consisting of EFI members and other relevant partners. They carry out research within the scope of EFI's research strategy and under the EFI name and scientific umbrella. The Project Centres are financed independently of EFI and have a limited duration.

Further info: Bart Muys (Bart.Muys(at)kuleuven.be) and Michael Köhl (michael.koehl(at)uni-hamburg.de)

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