Towards a Mediterranean forest research area

The partners of FORESTERRA, an ERA-Net scheme whose objective is to reinforce Mediterranean forest research, participated in EFIMED’s annual meeting, with eminent forest researchers from Europe and northern Africa as well as from global Mediterranean climate areas.

Presenters at the meeting included Dr. Rocío Lansac from Spain’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Competitiveness, which coordinates FORESTERRA. Dr. Lansac explained the concept of an ERA-NET, a tool created by the European Commission to improve coordination and cooperation in European research, and gave an overview of FORESTERRA´s specific aims.

EFI’s Assistant Director of Policy Support and Head of EFIMED Dr. Marc Palahí, discussed EFIMED’s role in implementing the Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda (MFRA). He also presented the results of a call for potential research ideas for FORESTERRA. There was a strong response to this call: 150 research institutions from 26 countries from all over the world submitted 28 project ideas.

The various proposals, covering topics as varied as the impact of changes in land use and climate on the functioning of Mediterranean forest ecosystems and the integrated management of forests as land resources were analysed. The conclusions drawn will be useful in preparing a scientific plan for FORESTERRA, whose first version will be discussed at the next meeting of FORESTERRA’s Steering Committee in October 2012 in Rome.

More information regarding 2012 EFIMED Week is available here
and FORESTERRA here.

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