The COOL project will land in Helsinki

The event will allow the project team to connect with different stakeholders (policy, business, technology and practitioners) that are relevant to the topics explored by the study, and who contribute to the aims of EFI and its members organizations regarding the science-policy and science-practice interfaces.

During the first part of the session conference attendees will be offered an overview of the project results. Current practices and policies related to energy wood production and use, as well as stakeholders' perspectives collected during the project will be discussed. Stakeholders will have the opportunity to express their opinion on conflicts, synergies and future options.

During the second part of the session the project results and expressed opinions will be fed into a panel discussion. The panelists will be able to express their personal opinion on the issues at stake, and to directly discuss with the audience. The session will have the final aim of producing a policy brief “More fodder for the oven? Dealing with forest related conflicts arising from the use of energy wood in Europe”. The project results validated by the stakeholders' and experts' opinions collected at the event will nourish the policy brief that will be one of the final outputs of the COOL project. 

For further information, please contact:

Project coordinator Regina Rhodius (regina.rhodiusemail.jpg : 0.4345703125Kbifp.uni-freiburg.de)
Project researcher Francesca Ferranti (francesca.ferrantiemail.jpg : 0.4345703125Kbefi.int)

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