EFIATLANTIC and IEFC Annual Meeting

Christophe Orazio, Head of EFI's Regional Office EFIATLANTIC, was very pleased with the high attendance at the Annual Meeting and also the success of the new format of the event, comprising a morning business session and an afternoon open session of eleven presentations given by EFIATLANTIC and IEFC members.

In the morning session, a new IEFC (European Institute for Cultivated Forests) board and Regional Advisory Group (RAG) were elected, with a lot of new people involved. Dr. Jean-Michel Carnus (INRA) was elected president of the IEFC Board and Prof. Dr. Peter Freer-Smith (Forest Research, UK) vice president. The former president, Prof. Ted Farrell, was given the title of honorary president in grateful recognition of his successful four-year term and he was also presented with the symbolic Makila – a traditional Basque walking stick. The list of elected members of the RAG will be submitted to Headquarters for validation.

Further information and the presentations are available for download on the EFIATLANTIC website

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Prof. Ted Farrell and Dr. Jean-Michel Carnus


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