Finnish Minister of Agriculture and Forestry pledges continued support for EFI

Mr Koskinen reviewed the work of EFI over the last two decades, and encouraged it to meet future challenges by expanding its focus to looking at the opportunities of a green bio-based economy and the whole value chain. EFI should continue to provide new perspectives to policy makers and practitioners, as well as continuing to emphasise cooperation between different national, regional and international organisations. “Let us continue to work together – build wooden bridges not only between the east and west but between people all over Europe – for the next successful 20 years", he said.

Dr Risto Päivinen, Director of EFI, reviewed EFI's journey from 1993 to today, emphasizing the strength of networking. Looking to the future, he spoke about EFI's capacity for coordinating people and integrating and bridging national interests, and pointed out that 10 coordinated researchers could do far more than 20 working alone.

Speakers at the seminar also looked at the present and future challenges for forestry in Europe. Dr Marc Palahí, Deputy Director of EFI gave an introduction to the current themes and scientific challenges, focusing on EFI’s policy support work to bring research findings to policy makers and enhance science-policy dialogue. Professor Lauri Hetemäki, Head of the Foresight and Policy Support Programme at EFI spoke about the future of the forest sector in Europe, in particular the growth in forest sector services. Dr Marcus Lindner, Head of the Sustainability and Climate Change Programme at EFI focused on how climate change will affect forests in Europe, and the uncertainty of climate change scenarios.

Around 100 people, including a number of ambassadors and other guests, attended the seminar. Other speakers included Dr Pentti Hyttinen, Region Mayor, Regional Council of North Karelia, and seminar chair Professor J Bo Larsen, Chair of the EFI Board.

Presentations of the seminar are available here.

More information: Dr Risto Päivinen, Director (firstname.lastname(at)efi.int)

Photo: Saku Ruusila

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