New: EFI Winter and Summer Doctoral School!

A Winter and Summer School (WSS) is designed to integrate two weeks of direct teaching separated by several months during which students prepare individual work. Generally, these two one week blocks will take place in March and September each year. In 2011 the winter school takes place in Freiburg, Germany 20-26 March and the summer school in Croatia during the second half of September. The WSS aims at building the future generations of researchers working on topics related to forests and the environment. Therefore, it is designed for beginning and advanced doctoral students.

The topic of the first WSS is "Making Values Work - Exploring Multiple Perspectives in Understanding the Valuation of Forest Ecosystems". Forest ecosystems provide multiple wood and non‐wood forest goods and services, which are crucial for the socio‐economic development of rural areas and the welfare of urban populations. The topic of ‘forest profitability’ and the questions ‘what is forest profitability and how do we express and measure it?’ are of great interest theoretically and in practice in Europe and around the world. Drawing from various disciplinary perspectives, the course will explore these questions in depth from the viewpoints of theory, methods and practical applications.

For questions on the content of the WSS, please contact Margaret Shannon (margaret.shannon@efi.int) or Robert Mavsar (robert.mavsar@efi.int). Questions about practicalities should be addressed to Karoline Öhler (karoline.oehler@efi.int). More information can also be obtained from the WSS website.






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