Scientists from all Mediterranean regions met in Antalya

P4159188_160x120.jpg : 30.298828125KbThe EFIMED Scientific seminar on “Knowledge base management of Mediterranean forests under climate driven risks: the ways ahead” gathered high level speakers from different Mediterranean countries and disciplines. While some of the speakers presented the latest scientific knowledge on the understanding and impact of selected climate driven risks: droughts, forest fires and pest outbreaks in Mediterranean forests, others were asked to focus on the adaptive capacity of Mediterranean forests, providing new knowledge on how forest management strategies can reduce their vulnerability to the most important risks. Even if the seminar had a clear focus on climate-driven hazards, it was obvious from the speakers presentations and discussions, that other factors like forest fragmentation, land-use and socio-economic changes need to be included when studying the adaptability of Mediterranean forests. An important multi-disciplinary effort, from the gene to the landscape level is required to address the increasing risks and vulnerability of Mediterranean forests.

Presentations available on the seminar website

Best poster Award

P4159238_160x120.jpg : 28.56640625KbThere were two different types of posters presented: some descriptive and some others presenting results from research works. The evaluation committee focused on the last ones, selecting as the most excellent one: "Physiological and ultrastructural responses to long-term salt stress of three Populus alba L. clones" from Abbasi, M., Albouchi, A., Bejoaui, Z. and Ben Ammar, A. Ms. Majda Abbasi, from Tunisia, received the diploma.

Special mention to the posters:
- Genetic diversity and gene conservation strategies for oriental sweetgum (Liquidambar orientalis Miller) in Turkey. Çengel, B., Kandemir, G., Kaya, Z., Tayanç, Y., Velioglu, E.
- Drought tolerance comparision of eleven Black pine (Pinus nigra Arnold. spp. nigra var. caramanica (Loudon) Rehder) origins sampled from Turkey. Semerci, H., Ekmekci, Y., Izbirak, A., Öztürk, H., Semerci, A.

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