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P4169295_160x107.jpg : 26.986328125KbDuring the field trip the participants visited the new wildfire fighting training center which is being built and will be devoted for the preparation of firemen at the national level. The General Director of forestry of the region welcomed the participants and representatives of every organisation and invited them to plant several Cuppressus.

In the stop at the Düzlerçami forest, researchers from the Forest Tree Seeds and Tree Breeding Research Directorate in Ankara explained theirP4169337_120x160.jpg : 27.4248046875Kb works with progeny trials in Pinus brutia. The experiences have shown their high capability for adaptation to drought, what makes this species very relevant for the future of forests in Turkey.
The Kayrak fire observation point allowed participants to have a panoramic view of the whole are; this type of towers constitute a strategic control place, as not only fire detection is possible but also the illegal hunting of fallow deer.

Finally a visit to the archaelogical site of Thermessos immersed the participants into the hellenistic period, wandering around the gymnasium, theater and temples with a fantastic guide.  

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