EFIMED PhD award 2010

Dr. José Alberto Ramírez-Valiente, for his work “Phenotypic plasticity and intraspecific genetic variation in Quercus suber: Evaluation using ecophysiological traits and molecular markers” at the Politechnical Unversity of Madrid (Spain). His PhD has been widely recognised through the publication of brilliant articles in relevant scientific journals, as follows:

  • Population differences in juvenile survival under increasing drought are mediated by seed size in cork oak (Quercus suber L.). 2009. Ramirez-Valiente JA, Valladares F, Gil L, Aranda I. Forest Ecology and Management. 257: 1676-1683
  • Phenotypic plasticity and local adaptation in leaf ecophysiological traits of 13 contrasting cork oak populations under different water availabilities. 2010. Ramirez-Valiente JA, Sanchez-Gomez, Aranda I, Valladares F. Tree Physiology 30(5):618-27

The contributions to the Mediterranean forest science are summarised in the report elaborated by the evaluation committee. Dr. Ramírez-Valiente was honoured within the EFIMED Annual Meeting in Avignon and he will receive the grant of 2000 EUR. He prepared a brief presentation of his work, available here.

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