EFIMED Annual Meeting 2011

The European Commission launched the call KBBE.2011.1.2-08: Forest Research in the Mediterranean Region – ERA-NET. In response to such strategic call, EFIMED has played together with the Ministry of Science of Spain a leading role for building a strong partnership and a solid proposal with the aim:
to reinforce the scientific coordination and integration of Mediterranean programmes in forest research as well as the scientific cooperation with countries of the Mediterranean area (including EU and non-EU member states) and with countries from other Mediterranean Climate Areas (Australia, South Africa, Chile, California).

The ERANET provides an ambitious framework for networking and opening national and/or regional programmes to take advantage in the most efficient way of the existing scientific capacities and knowledge to support sustainable development, notably sustainable forest management, including the management of forest resources to mitigate and adapt to climatic threats.

To reach this overall goal, the ERANET will:

  •  Enhance synergies through improve coordination of research programmes in order to avoid duplication of efforts and to direct the resources thus freed up to strategic transnational (and transcontinental) issues;
  •  Develop knowledge and foster sharing of foresight visions (national and regional) in the Mediterranean area, which will be a driver for research and innovation on Mediterranean forests and the goods and services they provide;
  •  Increase cooperation among disciplines (hydrology, climatology, ecology, forestry, economics, water engineering, soil science, etc.) and organisations in order to share research facilities and carry out ambitious research projects as well as to build new infrastructures that cannot be undertaken at an individual level;
  • Extend the benefit of the network at a global level integrating all concerned Mediterranean Climate Areas.

FORESTERRA (Reinforcing the scientific coordination of forest research programmes and improving the cooperation among Mediterranean countries) has been a joint work from most forested countries in the Mediterranean in view to be opened to further interested countries in case it is selected. This ERA-NET would be structured in four main pillars, with an additional final one on cooperation with other countries outside the Mediterranean basin but with similar traits and challenges.
1. Information exchange and mapping
2. Strategic orientation to avoid overlapping, coordinate and mobilize research capacities and address novel issues
3. Joint activities to consolidate and harmonise partnerships
4. Calls for joint research proposals
5. Scientific cooperation with Mediterranean Climate Areas

In case of approval, a first year of contacts and workshops would be held in order to elaborate a detailed workplan and roadmap based on the Mediterranean Forest Research Agenda and country specific needs. In a second phase national scientific funding institutions would open calls for research institutions to propose projects in line with the defined priorities. These projects would be more interesting when including partnerships among different Mediterranean institutions for conducting joint activities, which could cover from the installation and maintenance of shared infrastructure, international databases or transnational units. EFIMED will provide timely information to its network on this process.

P4051856_160x120.jpg : 37.3037109375KbMarc Palahí, Head of EFIMED, also explained the main activities of EFIMED during past year. The results from the Parmenides conference were presented by Jean Paul Lanly, from the French Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Following the goal of supporting young scientists, EFIMED Annual Meeting was closed by delivering the Award to the best PhD on Mediterranean forests to Dr. Ramírez-Valiente.

Presentations are available here

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