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At the LEAF Department (Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry) of the University of Padua the Forest Economics Group is working on research topics such as CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and societal marketing, payment for environmental services, and governance of local scale development process related to timber, NWFPs and forest services markets. 

The department collaborates with several international programs such as the MSc programs in Sustainable Tropical Forestry (SUTROFOR), and in Sustainable Forest and Nature Management (SUFONAMA) and the Int. PhD program Forest and Nature for Society (FONASO).  

In this context, the Forest Economics Group also expands its activities through collaborating with several NGOs working on responsible forestry and development cooperation, such as GRUPPO FSC-Italia, Agronomists and Foresters without Borders of Italy and Fundación COPADE (Comercio Para el Desarrollo) a NGO based in Spain, Honduras, Bolivia working on the promotion of Fair Trade, FSC certification applied to small forest communities and timber processors. 

New interesting publications at LEAF Department

In October, through the collaboration with COPADE, a paper presenting the instruments related to CRS in the forestry, timber and paper sectors, was published. 

Guía de la Responsabilidad Social y Ambiental en el sector forestal. Herramientas practicas de RSC para los sectores forestal, maderero y afines. A. Leonardi, D. Pettenells. L. Brotto, D. Florian, M. Vega. COPADE, Madrid, p. 105. 

The guide was published in Spanish. Italian and English translation are foreseen. The publication jointed the collaboration of CONFEMADERA (Spanish Timber Companies Federation) and the financial support of the Spanish Ministry of Labor which has a specific programme financing CSR related initiatives. 

Another recent publication is: Integrating FSC certification in REDD+ projects: a guideline for Projects Developer. L.Brotto, D.Pettenella, L.Secco and M.Masiero. Dept. of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry (LEAF). University of Padova. p. 60.

This guideline consists of a set of concepts, guidelines and procedures useful for integrating the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Forest Management certification into the organization of REDD+ projects.

The guideline is divided into three main sections:
• Section 1: provides background information on REDD+ projects and gives an overview of the FSC historical role in the forest-based carbon market;

• Section 2: outlines the timeline of a REDD+ project comparing it with that of an FSC FM/CoC (Forest Management/Chain of Custody) certification;

• Section 3: provides understanding, identification and management tools to overcome the constraints encountered in the organization of REDD+ projects

For further information, please contact Davide Pettenella: davide.pettenella(at)unipd.it

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