Advancing cedar growth knowledge

Ifrane1_RNavarro_149x208.jpg : 41.919921875KbIn May, Dr. Rafael Navarro (University of C√≥rdoba, Spain) visited the Ifran National Park (Morocco) where he conducted field work with the support of the local Model Forest Office staff and ENFI researchers. He studied the size structure and regeneration dynamics of Cedrus atlantica forest across 28 management (undisturbed, managed and anthropized) regimes plots. They used dendrochronology techniques to elucidate the impacts of management levels in cedar recruitment and regeneration patterns.

Laboratory analyses and results interpretation were carried out during the summer. A scientific article is currently being prepared as an outcome of this study.

The Mediterranean Model Forest Grant is a joint collaboration between CESEFOR (hosting the Mediterranean Model Forest Secretariat) and EFIMED to promote research in Model Forests.

Ifrane2_RNavarro_448x300.jpg : 124.9765625Kb

Photos: R.Navarro

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