Consolidating adaptive forest management knowledge in Fez

Coordinated by ISA (Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Portugal) and co-organised by ENFI (Écola National Forestière d'Engineurs, Morocco) and the KTU (Blacksea University, Turkey), this international workshop on "Methods and tools for participatory and adaptive forest management" gathered 42 participants from 6 countries.

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The workshop focused on the concept of forest modeling and the transfer of know-how and instruments needed to develop forest management planning models. Its application in the framework of decision support systems was further addressed. The approach to knowledge transference was developed to take advantage of experience and expertise in both the Northern and the Southern rims and targeted at an audience of graduate students and early-stage researchers from Morocco and Tunisia. The workshop took advantage of the possibility of bringing together renowned international experts in forest management planning, and its preparation and follow up encompassed specific seminars in Portugal.

The workshop was structured according to the following outline:

  1. Tutorials in forest management planning;
  2. Seminars by the AGORA mobility grantees;
  3. Field trip to Middle Atlas forests.

The first session discussed in detail the basic concept and main features of the forest management planning process and it introduced the use of quantitative techniques (e.g. linear programming). The second session discussed the use of alternative multiple criteria (e.g. goal programming, Pareto frontier and heuristic methods) to address Mediterranean multifunctional forest management planning. The third session focused on the use of decision support systems in forest management planning. The fourth session reported the work of the mobility grantees. Finally, the fifth session addressed the work to be conducted in the forthcoming AGORA project tasks in 2012 as well as the possibility of taking advantage of the MEDfOR masters programme to consolidate AGORA’s knowledge transfer and capacity-building objectives.

Website: www.efimed.efi.int/portal/events/agora_workshop_wp4/

More information: Joseborges(at)isa.utl.pt

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Photo: Ali El-Khorchani

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