EFIMED in the Ministerial Meeting of Forestry Institutes of Turkey

Ministerial Meeting of Forestry Institutes of Turkey
Annually the Ministry of Forestry and Environment of Turkey convene the representatives from the different working groups of Forestry Research Institutes. They participate in the evaluation of the different project proposals for the Institutes for the next period.
Last time it was held on 17-20 December 2008 in Antalya. Dr. Marc Palahi was invited to give a presentation on EFIMED activities during the opening, aiming to promote future collaboration among scientists at the international level. Meeting Course_448x314.jpg : 39.1513671875Kb

Wildfires in Turkey
With an excellent network of institutes covering the different geographic areas in Turkey and a long tradition in forestry research, Turkish foresters are willing to cooperate in different field areas. The relevance of wildfires damages claim for further research and development in this topic. The Ministry supports the improvement of the capacities of the scientific community in this sense, promoting a training which upgrades foresters' knowledge. The Director of SAFRI Institute, located on the very fire-punished area of Antalya, offered its cooperation to organise such training. EFIMED is cooperating with them in order to organise a course, which also would open the posibility to improve the knowledge of other Mediterranean scientists. Therefore, parallely to the meeting, Dr. Palahí and Ms. Elena Górriz had the chance to discuss programme and contents with Turkish experts. Turkish colleagues also organised a visit to SAFRI facilities and to Taşağil, where last August 20.000ha of Pinus brutia forest were burnt.

EFIMED invited to the Turkish Forestry (only in Turkish):

Meeting for forest fires course preparation: (only in Turkish)

SAFRI - Southern Anatolia Forest Research Institute:

News on the wildfire in Taşağil:

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