AGORA recruitments in Morocco and Tunisia

Mr. Mohamed Skhayri, an specialist in territorial and hydrological management, has been recently recruited at  ENFI. After graduating in Geology at the University of Tetouan, Mr. Skhayri moved to Belgium, where he developed his PhD on spatial hydrological modelisation at the University of  Li├Ęge and the Catholic University of Louvain.

Dr. Skhayri will participate in the strategic topic of "Developing participatory tools for optimizing and adapting forest management in a context of multiple-use-landscapes and changes in land-use and climate".

Mr. Ahmed Louichi is an economist who has developed his research and teaching career in France (Aix-Marseille, Paris and Caen). He is an specialist in econometric applications to pollution and bootstrapping techniques applied in Economics, Biology and Physics. 

Ms. Aida Nefdi is an economist who has been working on the analysis of climate change impacts in Tunisia, focusing in her thesis in the agricultural sector.

Ms. Amira Gammoudi holds a M.Sc. in Management of the natural resources and has developed an extense study of forest values in Tunisia. Ms. Imen Bouaziz has experience as consultant for FAO in agro-food developments and agricultural marketing.  

Mr. Louichi, Ms. Nefdi, Ms. Gammoudi and Ms. Bouaziz form part of the team working in the second axis of the project: "Valuing forest goods and services, designing financing mechanisms and income generation strategies to ensure their sustainable provision".

Ms. Amel Ennajah is an ecophysiologist who has been recruited at INRGREF in the frame of the AGORA project. She started working about cork oaks during her PhD at the Faculty of Science of Tunis and nowadays she studies its productivity related to climatic and edaphic factors. 

Ms. Abir Ben Hassine is an ecophysiologist, with expertise in plant responses under stress. Ms. Ben Hassine holds a PhD in Biology by the Faculty of Sciences of Tunis and the Catholic University of Louvain La Neuve (Belgium).

Ms. Ennajah and Ms. Ben Hassine are engaged in the subject area of "Understanding the role of genetic diversity in the adaptive response of forest tree species".

The aim of these recruitments is to reinforce the human potential of the Tunisian and Moroccan forest research entities in fields of high relevance for their countries.

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AGORA project is funded by the European Commission. 7th Framework programme. Capacities. Grant agreement Nr. 245482

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