Maps of climate effects in forests distribution in the Iberian Peninsula

The new online atlas shows how climate will change the distribution of Iberian forests

The Atlas of topo-climatic suitability of woody plants encompasses a collection of digital maps that can be consulted on-line and for the first time show  the degree of adaptation to climatic conditions of the main species constituting Iberian forests.

This initiative, developed by a research team of the Departament of Animal and Plant Biology and Ecology of the UAB, in collaboration with the Centre for Ecological Research and Forest Applications (CREAF), allows consulting data for the climatic scenario for the  period 1950-1998 as well as for the period 2050-2080, according to future climatic projections proposed by the Hadley Centre, a research center of internacional reference about climate change located at Exeter (England).

For the construction of the Atlas a combination of advanced methodologies and techniques, like GIS, l’estadística multivariate statistics and interoprable geoportals, in view of offering a sound, but also user-friendly, cartography.


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