Reviewing forest modelling in Europe

The Special Issue entitled Trends in modeling to address forest management and environmental challenges in Europe (Eds. Palahi, M., Tomé, M., Bontemps, J.D., Bugmann, H.) published at the Forest systems journal, reviews forest models and simulation tools available in Europe to address a number of emerging challenges in forest management. 

The Special Issue is structured around five review articles focused on five questions selected based on of their intrinsic scientific importance as well as their significance for decision-making in forest management:

  1. Models for supporting forest management in a changing environment (Fontes et al. 2010);
  2. Recent approaches to model the risk of storm and fire to European forests and their integration into simulation and decision support tools (Hanewinkel et al. 2010);
  3. Simulating wood quality in forest management models (Mäkelä et al. 2010);
  4. Modelling non-wood forest products in Europe: a review (Calama et al. 2010); and lastly,
  5. Simulation tools for decision support to adaptive forest management in Europe (Muys et al. 2010).

The special issue is complemented with two original papers dealing with forest genetics modeling (Kramer and van der Werf 2010) and an example of modeling forest birds using neural networks (Gil-Tena et al 2010).

Reference: Special Issue in Trends in modeling to address forest managementand environmental challenges in Europe. Forest Systems 2010 19(SI)

This Special Issue is a result of the work conducted by Working Group 1 of the COST ACTION FP0603 ‘Forest models for research and decision support in sustainable forest management’


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