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FORESTERRA: a strategic trans-national programme to improve the integration and coordination of Mediterranean forest research

The ERA-NET Scheme FORESTERRA was launched in January 2012. The Ministry of Science of Spain will coordinate this ERA-NET Scheme, and EFIMED will host the secretariat. FORESTERRA aims to coordinate and integrate forest research in the Mediterranean.

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FORESTERRA: Call for ideas

During the next EFIMED annual meeting on 13 June 2012 in Tunis, a dedicated FORESTERRA “brainstorming session” to discuss potential research ideas will be organized. We welcome your ideas.

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EFIMED week: registration open

EFIMED week 2012 will be held at the El Mechtel hotel in Tunis (Tunisia). Early registration fees are available until 30th April. The registration form and further participant information is available on the event website.

Check the updated programmes of the AGORA final conference, EFIMED Annual meeting and the Scientific Seminar on "Women making a difference: Women in science and innovation working towards sustainable natural resources management and governance in the Mediterranean region".

GIZ grants for participants in the Scientific seminar

The German Cooperation Agency (GIZ) graciously provides up to 30 grants for women from North Africa and the Near East to participate in the Scientific Seminar "Women making a difference: Women in science and innovation working towards sustainable natural resources management and governance in the Mediterranean region".

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RegioPower project

In January the RegioPower project began. EFIMED will be contributing to the valuation of forest goods and services.

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Prof. Bart Muys starts working at EFIMED

Professor Bart Muys has been recruited as a Senior Scientist for Forest Ecology and Management by EFIMED. 

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FORESTERRA Project manager
Duty station: Madrid, Spain
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