RegioPower project

RegioPower is an interdisciplinary project focused on the WoodWisdom / BioEnergy call topic “Forest for multiple needs of society, including enhanced productivity and optimised use of forest feedstock”.

The objective of this project is to develop the prototype of an innovative software platform for moderating between lignocellulosic resources demands from industry (timber for wood products and bio-energy, other bio-energy crops from agriculture), land-based production of lignocellulosic resources and public demands considering the provision of ecosystem services by regional land use and land management.

RegioPower is coordinated by the European Land-use Institute and Dresden University of Technology. EFIMED has been subcontracted by the Slovenian Forest Institute to develop the tasks on Evaluation and Impact assessment.

Website: www.eli-web.com/RegioPower/

More information: Robert Mavsar, robert.mavsar (at) efi.int

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