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MFRA ready for implementation

The process of creating the Mediterranean Forestry Research Agenda has successfully ended. After several months of consultation involving more than 60 institutions from 15 different countries, the MFRA has been developed to address the main issues risen by the members of the EFIMED network as well as by relevant stakeholders. The time to advocate for and implement it has now started. EFIMED thanks all who were involved for the enriching collaboration from all around the Mediterranean basin.

The MFRA presents a common vision on the challenges of Mediterranean forests and the scientific priorities to address them for the coming 10 years. EFIMED will work closely with the Forest-based Sector Technology Platform (FTP) as well as with its network and relevant stakeholders to implement the jointly developed MFRA in the most efficient way.

EFIMED releases the MFRA, available on the website.

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EFIMED Annual Meeting 2010 - Antalya

The South-western Anatolia Forest Research Institute (Turkey) will host on 14-16 April 2010 the next EFIMED Annual Meeting with the support of the General Directorate for Forestry (OGM).

The accompanying scientific seminar will focus on the topic “Knowledge base management of Mediterranean forests under climate driven risks: the ways ahead”, which will aim at improving the understanding of climate driven risks in the Mediterranean context and how to take them into account and minimize them through appropriate forest management strategies.

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Award to the best Doctoral thesis in Mediterranean Forestry

EFIMED aims to improve the capacities of Mediterranean forest researchers. Therefore EFIMED would like to highlight and support the work of young scientists who excel in their fields by launching an Award to the best doctoral thesis.

More information coming soon.

EFIMED will be present at the World Forestry Congress with FAO

logo_100x117.jpg : 5.236328125KbEFIMED is collaborating with FAO Forestry in the organisation of a side event on "Forests and Water" within the upcoming World Forestry Congress in Buenos Aires. Tthe European Forest Institute will also participate in this event by presenting a stand on the EFI activities in the WFC exhibition and by coordinating an event on the FLEGT project.

New article on Pinus nigra regeneration

Dr. Manuel E. Lucas-Borja, University of Castilla La Mancha (Spain) was granted in 2008 with a Short Scientific Visit. He was working at ISA, Lisbon, on the different methods to improve the difficult regeneration of Pinus nigra. As a result of his work, it has been recently published a very interesting article on the topic. It is available here:

Del Cerro Barja, A., Lucas-Borja M. E. et al. Influence of stand density and soil treatment on the Spanish Black Pine (Pinus nigra Arn. ssp. Salzmannii) regeneration in Spain. Investigación Agraria: Sistemas y Recursos Forestales 2009 18(2).

EFIMED encourages young scientists to work on high quality forestry research and disseminate it among Mediterranean partners. Congratulations Manuel!



ArcMED is searching for new members

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UIMP-EFIMED Course "Presente y futuro de los incendios forestales. Su repercusión en el medio natural". 17-21 August 2009 - Santander, Spain.

International Conference "Forests and Landscapes". 16-18 September 2009 - Besançon, France

Le nuove sfide per il settore forestale. Mercato, energia, ambiente e politiche. Pettenella, D. Ed. Tellus. 2009.

Mediterranean forest dynamics and forest bird distribution changes in the late 20th century. Gil-Tena, A. et al. Global Change Biology, 2009.

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